Evans Mfg. Company II

Branding, print ads, and a trade show banner

Client: Evans Mfg. Co.
Date: Aug. 2016
My Role: Graphic designer (contract)
Skills: Branding, print, illustration

Contracting through The Lumaiir Company, I had previously designed a vertical trade show banner for Evans in 2014; this time, they were interested in a horizontal version of the same banner, a magazine advertisement, and a logo refresh.

Evans liked the previous banner, so I repurposed its tree graphic (with major changes), updated the trellis clip graphic, and created the new tree guide graphic. Leaves from the tree were repurposed for the background in the advertisement; for the final logo, I selected the typeface Phosphate and customized its “E” to connect with the “V.” I didn’t care for the Phosphate “S,” so I heavily modified one from Myriad Pro. The “Manufacturing Company LLC” typeface is Bebas Neue.

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