Evans Mfg. Company I

Trade show banner and print ads

Client: Evans Mfg. Co.
Date: Nov. 2014; Aug. 2016; Jan. 2017
My Role: Graphic designer (contract)
Skills: Illustration, layout, print

My first design for Evans was in 2014. I worked as a contractor through The Lumaiir Company, which also acted as liaison. The client needed a vertical banner for an upcoming trade show, so I provided two initial versions and one revision. A high-res version of their existing logo was not available, so I used Open Sans for a simple text rendition.

In late 2016, Evans was interested in rebranding (click here for that project) and needed a print advertisement. I repurposed graphics from the first banner and produced a 5″x3″ ad; a few months later in January of 2017, they asked me to create a second advertisement in the same style.

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