Cinema Filibuster Refresh

Branding and social media refresh for a podcast

Skills: Art direction, branding, social media, web
Client: Cinema Filibuster
Date: Aug. 2015

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In August 2013, my friend Sean Hastings and I launched a YouTube channel for reviewing movies and TV shows. I came up with a texture-heavy design meant to evoke the gritty, grungy feel of celluloid. We ran with that design across YouTube, iTunes, and Instagram for about two years.

In August 2015, I felt it was time for a comprehensive brand refresh. I picked a green and gray color scheme because it felt livelier, and the parchment texture was simplified to a fractal pattern with diagonal boxes. The parchment treatment demanded too much attention, so the goal of the refresh was to highlight text and images. I also launched a revised website using a WordPress template and modified the CSS to reflect the new branding.

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